Working Papers

Major Complexity Index and College Skill Production. (with Xiaoxiao Li and Hajime Shimao) [GitHub: Complexity Index Package]

Hospital Efficiency: a Factor Model Approach.

Do Mergers Among Multimarket Firms Create Value? (with Ralph Siebert), [CESifo Working Paper No. 6139]

Pharmaceutical Patenting in the USA: Evaluating The Impact of Global Competition (with Gerry Simons)

Work In Progress

Price Transparency Laws and Heterogenous Hospital Responses. (with Ralph Siebert)

Pharmaceutical Pricing and Competition (With Brandon Norton and Ralph Siebert)

Multi-dimensional Economic Complexity Index by Graph-Autoencoder (with Hajime Shimao, Xiaoxiao Li, Michael Holton Price, Junpei Komiyama)

Estimating Skill-Added: A Revealed Choice Set Approach of College Major and Occupation Choices (with Xiaoxiao Li, and Hajime Shimao)


Linde S., (2019). The formation of physician patient sharing networks in medicare: Exploring the effect of hospital affiliation. Health Economics. [Paper Link]

Morgan, A., O’Gara, M., Crilly Bellucci, C., Linde, S., Albert, M., Curtis, A., Patel, P., Kapp-Simon, K. A. (2018). Speech Production Skills in Children with Cleft Palate who were Internationally Adopted. The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal.

Morgan, A., Crilly Bellucci, C., Coppersmith, J., Linde, S., Curtis, A., Albert, M., O’Gara, M. M., Kapp- Simon, K. (2017). Language Development in Children With Cleft Palate With or Without Cleft Lip Adopted From Non–English-Speaking Countries. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 26(2), 342-354.

Other Reports

Callison, K., Linde, S., Muller, L., Simons, G. (2019). Health Check 2019: Analyzing Trends in West Michigan (vol. 10). Grand Rapids, MI: Grand Valley State University. [Web: Health Check]

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Association For Public Policy Analysis & Management (APPAM) Research Conference, Nov 2018, (Presenter)

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Health Forum of West Michigan, May 2018, (Moderator)


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